Nemiderm 7X8.5

Nemiderm 7X8.5

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Nemiderm* is a sterile, waterproof, transparent, polyurethane (PU) film dressing. It is used for protection of wounds, to secure medical devices to the skin, as a cover to prevent skin breakdown.

Composition: Waterproof Transparent Film Dressing .


  • Waterproof dressing; Facilitates bathing without removing the dressing.
  • Transparent dressing; Facilitates easy monitoring of wound and peri wound area.
  • Breathable dressing: Reduces the risk of maceration.
  • Bacteria proof Dressing; Prevents risk of wound contamination.
  • Maintains a moist environment; prevents tissue dehydration and cell death.
  • ERT dressing; Facilitates easier application and pain- free removal.

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